Transmission Rates and How to Reduce Your Risk

Women are roughly twice as likely to get Herpes (or any STD for that matter) as men, thanks to the lovely warm, moist folds that they have in their genital region.

  • Unprotected transmission rates from Female to Male are about 5%
  • Unprotected transmission rates from Male to Female are about 10%

Condoms do NOT protect you completely from Herpes (or HPV for that matter). This is because if the carrier obtained the virus in an area not covered by the condom (ie: scrotum, inner thighs, perineum, etc) that is the area where the virus will shed when it is active.

  • Condoms reduce transmission rates by about 50%

Antivirals (Acyclovir, Valtrex, and the like) can be used as a Daily Suppressive Therapy both to reduce outbreaks and to protect any sexual partners that you may have.

  • Daily Suppressive Therapy can reduce the possibility of transmission by at least 50% … with some reports taking that number up to 90%.

Awareness of your prodromes (symptoms felt either before an OB or when your body is fighting the virus and therefore you are likely to be shedding) can play a huge factor in preventing transmission.


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